Gem Tintypes selected complete notes
Names in the book:
   Mary P. Getchell, Salem
01 [Abraham] Lincoln
02 Mary Dalton
03 Annie Getchell
04 Henry Getchell
05 Annie Getchell
06 M... Snow
07 Fido Endicott [dog]
08 Joseph Nutting
09 Miss Snow
10 Saraphine Johnson
11 Miss Tucker and Bertie
12 Fannie Parsons
13 Mary Dalton
14 Cora Parsons
15 Mary L Parsons
16 Rachel Nutting
17 Saraphine Johnson
18 Call
19 Mr. Snow
20 Mary Getchell
21 James Parsons
22 Joseph Williston
23 Hannah Parsons
24 Fannie Parsons
25 Hattie Parsons
26 Jennie Crandell
27 Lizzie Cook
28 Lucy Parsons
29 Miss Tigue
30 Frank Parsons
31 Mary Poole
32 Harry Innis
33 Lillie Endicott
34 Mr. Snow
35 Miss Floyd
36 Etta Collins
37 Johnny Cook
38 Allen Parsons
39 John H. Crandell
40 Allen Parsons
41 Josie Crandell
42 Miss Upton, School Teacher
43 Jennie Danforth
44 Annie Getchell
45 (blank)
46 (blank)
47 (blank)
48 (blank)

Mary P. Getchell's Gem Tintype Album contains 45 Gem Tintype photos of family members and friends (including Abraham Lincoln!). The book is signed by "Mary P. Getchell, Salem" and the photos are labeled in pencil. Unfortunately, some of the photos have apparently fallen out at some point in the past and have been put back in incorrect locations in the book. So you can't trust the names to match the pictures.

Mary P. Getchell was Lizzie Getchell Hayes' sister. Mary died in 1886 and Lizzie died in 1887. Their mother was Martha A. Parsons. The names Parsons, Getchell, Nutting (relatives of cousin Willie Nutting?), and others are in the book.

Gem Tintypes were the very popular instant photos of the time. You could get an iron metal sheet of 16 photos from a shop or a street vendor for very little money. You would use tin snips to cut individual photos from the sheet.

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